Every time we hear him, he impresses us as better than we remembered, surprising us, surpassing our expectations and communicating perceptions that stay in the mind.
— Gramophone
Richard Goode is one of the finest pianists in the world. Few can match his unfailingly beautiful tone, effortless technical command, interpretive insight and total emotional commitment to the music he plays.
— The Washington Post
It is virtually impossible to walk away from one of Mr. Goode’s recitals without the sense of
having gained some new insight, subtle or otherwise, into the works he played or about pianism
— The New York Times
A total performance that was a joy in the ear, a nourishment for the mind and an uplift for the spirit. For this listener, it was a high point of the musical year.
— The Los Angeles Times
...the music flowed through him with such mellow insights, deep emotional involvement and self-effacing pianism that you felt as though you were confronting the composers’ thought processes directly rather than through an interpreter.
— The Chicago Tribune
Goode has so thoroughly entered into the spirit of the compositions he performs that you’d
swear the composer himself was at the keyboard.
— Toronto Globe and Mail
…every moment…was a revelation.
— The National Post
A titanic performance.
— The Courrier-Journal